Technical change regarding data feeds at

Technical change regarding data feeds at

Real-time indications for underlyings in effect

As of April 30, 2021, Raiffeisen Centrobank is rolling out a technical change regarding underlying quotes on our website: “Evaluated Real-Time Prices” are provided from TTMzero for all available underlyings. This results in:

  • Larger coverage of underlying quotes
  • Indicative data without time delay


What are indicative prices?
The indication is not a price determined by the relevant entity (according to the Final Terms), but a real-time proxy. The price indication solely represents an approximate and non-binding information and, as far as the securities are concerned, is irrelevant for the determination of any payments as well as of any occurrence of specific events (depending on the security type, e.g., a barrier breach, an early redemption trigger, etc).

Which indicative prices are available?
The indications are generally published from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. The specified closing price is not the last price determined on the respective date by the relevant entity. Instead, it reflects the last indicative price of the day. Absolute and relative changes refer to the last indicative price of the preceding day and thus can deviate from the information specified by the relevant entity. In some cases, specific underlying events (e. g. a share split) are either not reflected in historical indicative prices or reflected there differently from the information specified by the relevant entity.

Where do the indicative quotes at the website originate?
The price indications are provided in cooperation with TTMzero GmbH.

How are the indicative data from TTMzero calculated?
By combining the input data that is provided by various leading financial institutions worldwide and the output parameters of TTMZero’s valuation software the data provider is able to derive accurate estimates for a number of asset classes and instruments. This data is then enhanced by algorithms and distributed as Evaluated Real-Time Prices.

Which prices remain delayed at
With this change we are able to provide a larger number of underlying quotes. Nevertheless, some prices remain delayed. In case of this quotes, provided by FactSet, they are the determinded prices by the relevant entity.


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