Sustainability Bond 90% VI – available on secondary market

Sustainability Bond 90% VI – available on secondary market

Opportunity to obtain a yield of 24% if the global sustainability index by STOXX® quotes at/above the starting value at the end of the 8-year term


The certificate Sustainability Bond 90% IV is based on the STOXX® Global ESG Leaders Select 50, a global benchmark of 50 sustainable stock titles. This investment product addresses security-oriented investors who consider ethical, ecological and social criteria in their investment decisions and hence are looking for a sustainable investment.

Payout Profile:

At the initial valuation date the starting value of the STOXX® Global ESG Leaders Select 50 index (closing price on November 19, 2020) is determined. At the final valuation date (November 15, 2028) the closing price of the index is compared to the starting value and one of the following scenarios will apply:

  • SCENARIO 1: Index AT/ABOVE the starting value  redemption at 124%

If the closing price of the index at the final valuation date is equal to or higher than the starting value, the redemption on the maturity date will be 124% of the nominal amount. This equals the maximum amount of EUR 1,240 per EUR 1,000 nominal value.

  • SCENARIO 2: Index BELOW the starting value  redemption at 90%

If the closing price of the index at the final valuation date quotes below the starting value, the capital protection will apply and the certificate will be redeemed at the maturity date at 90% of the nominal value (equivalent to EUR 900 per nominal value).

The 90% capital protection by Raiffeisen Centrobank AG only applies at maturity, i.e. during the term the certificate price may drop below 90%, but the investor obtains at least 90% of the nominal value at the end of the term.

Details on the STOXX® Global ESG Leaders Select 50 index as well as the current list of index members can be found on the website of the index provider STOXX Ltd.

Capital Protection Certificates – simply explained:

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Key facts:
  • Name: Nachhaltigkeits Bond 90 % VI
  • ISIN: AT0000A2K9H6
  • Initial valuation date: Nov 19, 2020
  • Term: 7 years
    (Maturity date: Nov 20, 2028)
  • Listing: Vienna, Frankfurt, Stuttgart
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