New Sustainable Issuances on the Index DAX® 50 ESG

New Sustainable Issuances on the Index DAX® 50 ESG

New investment products based on the German stocks benchmark for sustainability - and market making in futures


We continue to issue sustainable certificates: as of Feb 17, 2021, Raiffeisen Centrobank offers new investment products based on the DAX® 50 ESG Price Index (DE000A0S3E04).


Nowadays, ethical, environmental and social responsible actions are spotlighted and sustainability is increasingly requested. Therefore, the German Stock Exchange launched the DAX® 50 ESG index, which is supposed to set standards in regards to sustainable investments.

The DAX® 50 ESG Index consists of the 50 largest and most liquid shares on the German market and shows their performance. The companies included have to be particularly sustainable in terms of ESG criteria (environmental, social and corporate governance). For a company to be admitted to the DAX® 50 ESG index primarily it has to feature the ESG criteria as well as the benchmarks regarding market capitalization of the free float and its stock exchange turnover. The index calculation is operated by Qontigo/Deutsche Börse and the monitoring as well as adjustment of the index composition is reviewed quarterly.


In all areas of life sustainability becomes more and more important and has, in terms of investments, developed to being a trend. Regarding investment approaches, many investors seek out investments for ecological, social and governance-related steering effects. For those investors, who wish to take ESG criteria into account for their investments, can find appropriate opportunities with RCB’s new certificates.

Bonus-Certificates, Discount-Certificates and Reverse Convertible Bonds based on the DAX® 50 ESG PR index are tradeable from now on at the Stock Exchanges in Vienna and Stuttgart and OTC. Hence, the range of RCB’s sustainable certificates is even broader and suitable for different market expectations.

RCB acting as Market Maker:

Furthermore, we want to emphasize our continuous efforts for more sustainability: RCB’s trading team will undertake the obligation to act as market maker for DAX® 50 ESG-Futures at Eurex and will provide trading liquidity, accordingly.

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