Good prospects
for investing your money.

Investment certificates are an investment that offers added value.“

The current low-interest environment is causing more and more people to seek out investment alternatives that offer potential returns but are not overly risky. The investment certificate types selected here are positioned between a savings account and equities in terms of their risk profile and thus offer a security-oriented investment with attractive potential returns.

Modern securities with clear advantages
and transparent risks.


Returns of up to 8% are not a fantasy with many investment certificates, even if the price of the underlying asset hardly changes or even declines.


Depending on the certificate type, up 
to 100% of the investment can 
be protected.


In the event that Raiffeisen Centrobank becomes insolvent or is at risk of going into default (bail-in), the investment certificates may lose their value entirely.


Some certificate types may experience losses in the event of negative market developments.

You make the rules!

Investment certificates are versatile and offer many innovative repayment profiles.

The investment certificate finder is intended to provide an introduction to the world of capital protected certificates, bonus certificates, and reverse convertible bonds from our vast range of products (roughly 8,000 investment certificates). It is based on around 30 products that are updated in line with the market conditions every two weeks.

The investment certificate finder allows you to define whether the invested capital should be protected (capital protected certificates) or whether you prefer only partial protection in favour of a higher return (bonus certificates/reverse convertible bonds), for example.

At the end of the process, the available products with the most matches are sorted based on the other criteria you select. Easy-to-understand explanations are provided for the various criteria.

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