Express Certificate BMW Express 2Sustainable certificate

Issue price100.00% Redemption price120.00% Issue dateNov 02, 2017 Maturity dateNov 02, 2021

BMW Express 2
AT0000A1Y950 / RC0NGY
Starting value
EUR 87.50
EUR 52.50
Observation barrier
on the final valuation date
(early) redemption level
87.50 / 78.75 / 70.00 / 61.25 / 52.50
Distance to next termination level
(early) redemption amount
105.00% / 110.00% / 115.00% / 120.00% / 125.00%
Max. yield until next observation date
Max. yield p.a. until next observation date
Tradeable unit/nominal value
EUR 1,000
About the term

Initial valuation date
Oct 30, 2017
Issue date
Nov 02, 2017
Valuation dates
Oct 30, 2018 / Oct 30, 2019 / Oct 29, 2020 / Oct 28, 2021 / Oct 28, 2022
Final valuation date
Oct 28, 2022
Maturity date
Nov 02, 2021

Product classification
Investment Product without Capital Protection
Security type (Eusipa No.)
Express Certificate (1260)
Express Certificate Type
New Level Express Certificate
Country / region of underlying
Suited market expectation
sideways, bullish
Spread homogenised
Spread (in %)
Product currency
Underlying currency
Settlement method
Cash settlement / Physical delivery
Capital Gains Tax / no Foreign Capital Gains Tax
Public offer possible in
Austria, Germany, Italy, Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Croatia, Romania, Slovenia
Vienna, Frankfurt, Stuttgart

The BMW Express 2 certificate provides the opportunity for early redemption and enables investors to obtain a profit of 5% per year (maximum 25%).

The certificate has a maximum term of 5 years (November 2022). It is redeemed prior to the maturity date, if the closing price of the share of BMW AG quotes at or above the annually declining termination level (100% in the first year, 90% in the second year, 80% in the third etc.) at one of the annual valuation dates.

If the share closing price quotes below the respective termination level at the fixed date the term extends by another year to the next annual valuation date and the possible yield rises by 5%. At the same time the termination level decreases by 10% each year. In the fifth and final year the termination level equals 60% (equal to the barrier) and the termination price is 125%. If the closing price of the share undercuts the barrier at the final valuation date, the investor receives no yield and the predefined amount of BMW shares is delivered.

This certificates complies with RCB¿s sustainability standards. For further information please click here RCB's sustainability standards (PDF)

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