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chg. 1D+0.420 (+0.40%) Bid103.93% Ask105.43% Last updateMay 14, 2021
Underlying price (delayed) 1,693.78 (+1.39%) Starting value1,481.98 Next redemption level1,481.98 Max. yield p.a. until next observation date-

Deutschland Nachhaltigkeits Express
AT0000A2HVJ8 / RC0Y6T
Underlying price (delayed)
EUR 1,693.78 (+1.39%)
May 14, 2021 15:55:00.000
Starting value
EUR 1,481.98
EUR 889.19
Distance to barrier
Observation barrier
on the final valuation date
(early) redemption level
1,481.98 / 1,481.98 / 1,481.98 / 1,481.98 / 1,481.98
Distance to next termination level
(early) redemption amount
105.25% / 110.50% / 115.75% / 121.00% / 126.25%
Max. yield until next observation date
Max. yield p.a. until next observation date
Tradeable unit/nominal value
EUR 1,000
About the term

Initial valuation date
Sep 15, 2020
Issue date
Sep 16, 2020
Valuation dates
Sep 14, 2021 / Sep 14, 2022 / Sep 14, 2023 / Sep 12, 2024 / Sep 12, 2025
Final valuation date
Sep 12, 2025
Maturity date
Sep 17, 2025

Product classification
Investment Product without Capital Protection
Security type (Eusipa No.)
Express Certificate (1260)
Express Certificate Type
Express Certificate
Country / region of underlying
Suited market expectation
sideways, bullish
Spread homogenised
Spread (in %)
Product currency
Underlying currency
Settlement method
Cash settlement
Capital Gains Tax / no Foreign Capital Gains Tax
Public offer possible in
Austria, Germany, Italy, Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Romania, Slovenia
Vienna, Frankfurt, Stuttgart

The Germany Sustainability Express certificate has a predefined maximum term of 5 years and provides the possibility for a yield of 5.25% p.a. The certificate is redeemed at the predefined termination price prior to the maturity date if the closing price of the underlying DAX® 50 ESG (PR) EUR index quotes at or above the termination level at the maturity date.

If the index price quotes below the termination level the term extends to the next valuation date and the possible yield increases by 5.25% of the nominal value. At the end of term the barrier of 60% of the index starting value represents an additional safety buffer. If the index quotes below the barrier at the final valuation date the certificate is redeemed according to the performance of the underlying index.

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