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chg. 1D+0.020 (+2.67%) BidEUR 0.770 Ask- Last updateAug 07, 2020
Underlying price (delayed) 44.29 (-0.07%) Leverage factor-3.00

Factor Certificate Brent Crude Oil Future
AT0000A1H039 / RC0DCA
Underlying price (delayed)
USD 44.29 (-0.07%)
Jul 23, 2020 08:00:00.000
Leverage factor
Factor Level
USD 60.12
Protection Level
USD 58.62
Tradeable unit/nominal value
1 unit
Product currency
Vienna, Frankfurt, Stuttgart
About the term

Initial valuation date
Oct 19, 2015
Issue date
Oct 20, 2015
Final valuation date
Maturity date

Product classification
Leverage Product without Knock-Out
Security type (Eusipa No.)
Factor Certificate (2300)
Factor Certificate Type
Factor Certificate Short
Country / region of underlying
Suited market expectation
Issue price
100.00 EUR
Spread homogenised
Spread (in %)
Underlying currency
Settlement method
Cash settlement
Capital Gains Tax / no Foreign Capital Gains Tax
Public offer possible in
Austria, Germany, Italy, Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Croatia, Romania, Slovenia

Factor Certificates enable investors to participate with a leverage effect in the performance of the underlying. The certificates have a constant leverage factor, no knock-out and are open-ended. Short Factor Certificates provide investors with above average profit opportunities in falling markets.

Please note: The leverage effect of a factor certificate means that fluctuations in the value of the underlying have a disproportionate impact on the value of the factor certificate. Even small, unfavorable developments in the underlying can lead to the loss of a substantial part of the capital invested, up to a total loss . Therefore, the probability of a total loss occurring is greatly increased. If the underlying of the factor certificate is a future (e.g. commodity), the issue of rolling must be taken into account. Investors are also exposed to the exchange rate risk if the currency of the underlying does not equal the currency of the factor certificate.

Please read our brochure on Factor Certificates.

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