Premiere at Bucharest Stock Exchange: warrants for the first time listed

Premiere at Bucharest Stock Exchange: warrants for the first time listed

Bucharest/Vienna –

  • Completely new product category listed by Raiffeisen Centrobank at Bucharest Stock Exchange
  • 30 warrants on Romanian shares, international indices and commodities
  • Completely new investment opportunities to Romanian investors for upside as well as downside markets

Raiffeisen Centrobank (RCB) again confirms its commitment to the Romanian market and broadens its structured products range at Bucharest Stock Exchange (BVB). As of today 30 new RCB products – all of them warrants – will be listed in joint cooperation with the distribution partner Raiffeisen Bank Romania. The aim is to supply both, institutional as well as individual investors with a comprehensive investment solution for each market phase.

Opportunity for risk friendly investors

With the listing of warrants at BVB, investors will have an opportunity to invest in Romanian shares, renowned international indices or commodities like gold. “For the first time, it will be possible to invest with leverage in local underlyings, thus allowing investors to even benefit from falling or rising prices or indices. One more advantage of the newly listed warrants is that they provide for the first time hedging opportunities against falling prices of local shares”, Heike Arbter, Managing Director with RCB and Head of Structured Products, points out. All RCB warrants are offered in the local currency RON.

According to Mihai Lazar, Director, Head of Capital Markets Sales at Raiffeisen Bank Romania, also, responsible for the dissemination of structured products on the Romanian market, considers as well that these new instruments on the Romanian market offer investors for the first time trading strategies in reference to the level of risk/reward sought by each. “The launch of these instruments is part of the broader initiative of the Raiffeisen Group to help develop the Romanian capital market and to support the country in becoming an emerging market”, Lazar declared.

Secondary market provided by Raiffeisen Centrobank

As a leading market maker, RCB has a great track record in providing permanent quotations for the products it issues. Thus, warrants can be permanently traded. This service is certainly an essential asset for investors. “We see our local and sustainable presence as market maker as a service to BVB and investors. Moreover, our market maker function is an integral part of our entire product offering”, underlines Heike Arbter.

Innovation leader and pioneer

With currently more than 4,000 certificates and warrants on Austrian, East European and selected international shares, indices as well as on commodities, RCB provides a most interesting and comprehensive product range with a clear focus on transparency and product clarity. RCB stands out for many years of expertise and pioneering work for structured products in Austria, Poland, Romania, Hungary, Czech Republic and Slovakia. The bank focuses on current market trends when expanding its product range. Products are traded on 7 exchanges and via almost 20 online brokers. In-depth background information is provided via RCB’s unparalleled website which features a variety of tools including a product finder, a market overview, key figures and elaborate chart analyses.

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About Raiffeisen Centrobank AG

Raiffeisen Centrobank AG (RCB) is the competence center for equities and certificates in Austria with a strong regional focus on Central and Eastern Europe. RCB is the sole Austrian full range provider of certificates (Index, Basket, Discount, Bonus, Express, Outperformance, Guarantee, Turbo, Factor Certificates, Reverse Convertible Bonds, warrants) and underlyings (all ATX titles & selected small and mid-caps, Eastern European underlyings, international stocks, energy commodities, precious metals, industrial metals, real estate), long-standing expertise, pioneer work for certificates in Austria and Eastern Europe, establishing the certificates segment on the Vienna Stock Exchange (current market share RCB: 90%), first Austrian issuer on the EUWAX and the exchange in Frankfurt, first issuer of certificates on the exchanges in Prague, Warsaw, Budapest, second in Bucharest, strong market maker orientation and secondary market service, permanent secondary market for products on 7 exchanges and roughly 20 online brokers, broad range of investor services (fairs, roadshows, trainings, product hotline); innovation leader offering products for international market access particularly for Eastern European markets and commodities. As a full range provider of certificates the bank offers more than 4,000 products for every market situation and investment horizon. The coverage universe of RCB’s Company Research comprises some 130 titles. RCB is a 100 percent subsidiary of Raiffeisen Bank International AG.

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