Paramount innovation: The Certificate Finder

Paramount innovation: The Certificate Finder

The easy way to find certificates!

Vienna – The certificates industry has always stood out for its innovation capacity. Aside from well-thought-out payout profiles, the financial sector has been increasingly focusing on developing innovative information and communication tools for investors. Raiffeisen Centrobank AG (RCB) has taken account of its role as leading certificates’ issuer with a brand-new online information tool which was presented yesterday on the occasion of RCB’s press talk.

In tandem with the relaunch of its website in a modern responsive design, RCB offers an innovative tool that provides for an easy-to-understand and intuitive search in the universe of certificates. The Certificate Finder introduces investors to the world of certificates and enables them to select the appropriate product that best suits their investment objectives as one of the main tasks of digitalisation is to facilitate the adequate choice for the user from a multitude of information.

Christian Grohs, managing director of Fait Internet Software, is convinced that the Certificate Finder makes RCB first mover in the digital securities business. Customers expect convenience and digital advantages in the banking business equal to those they are offered in other areas of life.

Customers frequently search around online for attractive investment opportunities - that can be tedious and will not always promote a better understanding. Complicated search filters may overstrain users and are thus not suited for certificate novices.

This is where RCB’s Certificate Finder sets in. At an introduction to the world of certificates is given and the investor is asked to choose from a few key criteria. Further to the investor’s selection the available products with the most matches are sorted. Only 3 to 4 clicks are necessary to get to one’s certificates choice. Moreover, investors have the opportunity to trade the product directly via a link to the broker’s website.

“The Certificate Finder enables a wide audience to immerse in the world of certificates - in a straightforward, practical and easy-to manage way. It is a great opportunity to provide the interested investor by digital means non-stop with the right information and to get more people in Austria interested in investments”, stresses Philipp Arnold, Head of Sales Western Europe.

A profound market opinion helps to select the adequate certificate from the Certificate Finder’s list. Thus, Bernd Maurer, Head of Company Research at RCB, gave an update on the stock markets. The positive economic development of companies boosts the stock markets. Bernd Maurer is pleased to say that “in the past years, the Viennese stock market outperformed most of the leading exchanges and the outlook continues to be favourable. In the persistently low interest rate environment the current valuation remains attractive”.

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Raiffeisen Centrobank is the competence center for equities and derivatives in Austria with a strong regional focus on Central and Eastern Europe. As a full service provider of certificates, the bank offers currently more than 6,000 products for each market phase and investment horizon. The coverage universe of RCB’s company research comprises about 130 Austrian and international titles. Raiffeisen Centrobank is a 100% subsidiary of Raiffeisen Bank International AG.

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