Protect Reverse Convertible Bonds based on single shares – in subscription

Protect Reverse Convertible Bonds based on single shares – in subscription

Term of 1.5 years, attractive fixed interest rate at the end of the term and barrier being set at 75% of the strike of the respective share

Protect Reverse Convertible Bonds provide for a fixed interest rate, a predefined term as well as fixed strike. These parameters remain unchanged during the term. The interest rate, which is significantly above the market level represents an attractive return for the investor.

Payout Profile:

The fixed interest amount is paid out at the end of the term in any case, regardless of the performance of the underlying share. The redemption of the nominal value at the end of the term depends on the performance of the respective underlying:

As long as the respective underlying always quotes above the initial barrier of 75%, the Reverse Convertible Bond is automatically redeemed at 100% of the nominal value at the maturity date. In case the closing price of the underlying share quotes above the strike at the final valuation date the Reverse Convertible Bond will also be redeemed at 100% of its nominal value.

If the barrier was touched or undercut AND the share‘s closing price quotes below the strike at the final valuation date, the predefined amount of shares per nominal value is delivered (physical delivery).

The six offered Reverse Convertible Bonds are based on one of the following companies (one share per certificate):

Fixed interest rate at the end of the term
adidas AGAT0000A287F49.50%
Erste Group Bank AGAT0000A287C110.50%
OMV AGAT0000A287B38.00%
Raiffeisen Bank International AGAT0000A287D911.00%
RWE AGAT0000A287G210.00%
voestalpine AGAT0000A287E710.10%


The issue price amounts to 100 % (nominal value EUR 1,000) within the subscription period. Further information as well as the Key Information Document please find on Product Page.

For any additional information you may require do not hesitate to contact us on +43151520484.

The Structured Products Team of Raiffeisen Centrobank

The product described herein is subject to and governed by the Base Prospectus (including all supplements and amendments thereto) approved by the Austrian Financial Market Authority (FMA). The Base Prospectus has been deposited at the Oesterreichische Kontrollbank AG, published at and contains the risks and terms and conditions of the product.

Additional information may also be obtained from the key information document of the product published at Raiffeisen Centrobank AG is subject to supervision by the FMA and the Austrian National Bank as well as the European Central Bank within the Single Supervisory Mechanism (Council Regulation (EU) No 1024/2013).

Key facts:
  • ISIN: AT0000A287B3
  • Subscription period: May 22, - Jun 19, 2019
  • Initial valuation date: Jun 21, 2019
  • Term: 1.5 year
    (Maturity date: Dec 22, 2020)
  • Listing: Vienna, Frankfurt, Stuttgart
  • Issue price: 100.00%
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F: +431 513 43 96
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