Europe Sustainability Winner 5 – in subscription

Europe Sustainability Winner 5 – in subscription

120 % participation (unlimited) in the positive average performance of the sustainability index by STOXX® with 100% capital protection at the end of the term (June 2027)

The Guarantee Certificate Europe Sustainability Winner enables investors to participate at 120% in the positive average performance of the STOXX® Europe ESG Leaders Select 30 index. In case of a negative index performance investors are 100% capital protected at the end of the term.

The certificate is suited for security-oriented investors, who take ethical, ecological and social criteria into account. The STOXX® Europe ESG Leaders Select 30 index focuses on these criteria of companies and comprises 30 European top stocks which stand out for low volatility and attractive dividend yields. A positive market expectation regarding the index performance over the next eight years can be realised with this certificate.

Payout profile:

Once a year, at the respective annual valuation date (2020-2027), the closing price of the index is compared with its starting value and the index performance is calculated – depending on the performance of the STOXX® Europe ESG Leaders Select 30 index one of the following scenarios will apply:

  • SCENARIO 1 – Average index performance is positive.
    The positive average performance with a participation factor of 120% is paid out in addition to the nominal value of EUR 1,000. The maximum payout is unlimited.
  • SCENARIO 2 – Average index performance is not positive.
    In case the average index performance from the eight annual valuation dates is not positive, the capital guarantee applies and, at the maturity date, the certificate is redeemed at 100% of the nominal value.

For detailed examples of the calculation please see the product brochure. The issue price amounts to 100 % (nominal value EUR 1,000) within the subscription period. Further information as well as the Key Information Document please find on Product Page.

Capital Protection Certificates – simply explained:

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