Europe/Austria Bonus&Safety 3 – available on secondary market

Europe/Austria Bonus&Safety 3 – available on secondary market

Opportunity to obtain a bonus yield of 20% within five years with a low barrier being set at 49% of two renowned stock indices


The certificate Europe/Austria Bonus&Safety 3 refers to two well-known stock indices. The European stock benchmark EURO STOXX 50® and the global dividend stock index ATX® serve as underlying for this certificate. This certificate is suited to investors who expect these two indices to perform stably in the upcoming five years, and who deem price slumps of 51% or more unlikely to occur.

Payout Profile

At the maturity date the certificate will be redeemed at the bonus amount of EUR 1,200 per nominal value, provided that the index closing prices of the EURO STOXX 50® AND the ATX® always quote above the barrier of 49% of their respective starting value during the observation period.

If the barrier is violated by at least one of the underlying indices, the certificate is redeemed at the maturity date according to the performance of the worse performing index (percentage performance of the the EURO STOXX 50® orthe ATX® respectively, from the starting value to the closing price fixing at the final valuation date). Even if the barrier is touched or undercut, the maximum amount remains limited at EUR 1,200 per nominal value and investors do not participate in price increases of the underlyings beyond the bonus level = cap.

Further information as well as the Key Information Document can be found on the product page.

Bonus Certificates – simply explained:

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Key facts:
  • ISIN: AT0000A28C23
  • Initial valuation date: Jul 01, 2019
  • Term: 4 years
    (Maturity date: Jul 02, 2024)
  • Listing: Vienna, Frankfurt, Stuttgart
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