Certificates Knowledge Compact

Everything you need to know about certificates.

The new brochure by Raiffeisen Centrobank AG explains the most important product categories of investment certificates. The folder is suitable for beginners as well as experienced investors and investment consultants, who aim to extend their certificates knowledge. Readers of this work await over 70 pages of conceptual definitions of the certificates world, product functionalities, sample calculations as well as opportunities and risks involved with the different types of certificates.

Express Certificates

Explained in an easy way

Express certificates combine the opportunity for an attractive yield with the possibility for early redemption. Generally speaking, the longer the term, the higher the possible yield. This young certificate category currently rises in popularity among investors.

Certificates Expert Stefan Neubauer explains the basics of this certificate category in a simple and easy manner. (duration 3:54 min.)

Certificates Finder

Explained in an easy way

The search for the right investment opportunity can be fairly difficult. This is why Raiffeisen Centrobank publishes a new and innovative tool called "The Certificates Finder":

Philipp Arnold, Head of Sales Western Europe, explains the functionality of this innovative tool and is convinced: "The Certificates Finder enables a broad audience to easily dive into the world of certificates in a straightforward, practical and playful way". (duration 1:48 min.)