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Capital Protection Certificates

AT0000A2QQ96 – in subscription until May 31, 2021
With the Dividend Shares Bond 90% XIV, investors achieve a return of 24% if the price of the STOXX® Global Select Dividend 100 Price EUR Index quotes at/ above 108% of the starting value at the end of the term. If the index quotes below 108% but at/above 100% of the starting value at the end of the term, redemption is effected at 108% of the nominal value. ...
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AT0000A2QQA8 – in subscription until May 31, 2021
With the Sustainability Winner 90% VIII certificate investors participate at 100% in the positive performance of the STOXX® Global ESG Leaders Select 50 Price EUR index at the end of the term - up to a maximum of +28% in relation to the starting value. In case of a negative index performance of more than -10%, the nominal value is 90% capital protected at the ...
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Bonus Certificates

AT0000A2QRV2 – in subscription until May 25, 2021
The certificate 2% Europe/USA Bonus&Safety 5 enables investors to obtain a fixed interest rate of 2% annually. Redemption is effected at 100% at the end of the term (May 2026) provided that the EURO STOXX 50® index and the S&P 500® index always quote above the barrier of 43% of their respective starting value during the observation period. If the barrier is ...
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AT0000A2QMV3 – in subscription until May 17, 2021
With the certificate 3% Europe/Gold Bonus&Safety 2 investors obtain an annual fixed interest rate of 3% during the five year term. Redemption at the end of the term (May 2026) depends on the performance of the EURO STOXX 50® indexand the gold price: the certificate is redeemed at 100% (equivalent to EUR 1,000 per nominal value) provided that the two ...
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AT0000A2QS86 – in subscription until May 26, 2021
With the Hydrogen Bonus&Growth certificate investors participate without any yield limitation at 100% in the positive performance of the underlying Solactive® Hydrogen EUR Index 3.5% AR at the end of the term. Provided the barrier of 50% of the index` starting value was never touched our undercut during the observation period, the certificate will be redeemed at the minimum ...
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